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photoIndia's status as an emerging global superpower rests on narrow economic data drawn from its booming middle class of more than 50 million people, less than 5% of the population. Beneath this veneer, hundreds of millions face a daily struggle for essentials. A country that boasts of a nine percent growth rate is astoundingly silent on millions of children, generations of its future, who have never entered a school, face exclusion socially and economically, and lead lives bereft of care and dignity.

Insufficient resources, lack of political will, bureaucratic complacency and pervasive social exclusion have kept over half the country’s children from completing a meaningful basic education, experts felt.

A wide gap remains between enrolment and completion rates, especially for children from poorest households and marginalized groups in rural areas and urban slums. Education in India is only one among various other elements that have captured the attention of the world. Despite all the efforts to develop the education system in India, access, equity and quality of education in India continue to haunt the policy makers till this date. Who are responsible of all such affairs in the country?

In the year 2001 some experts from diverse professional backgrounds formed a group which had committed themselves for the development of India. The core group believed education as a catalyst for social and economic changes and initiated an educational project for slum children of Delhi. The beginning of “MATRI SUDHA” started in 2001 working on core areas affecting the underprivileged in urban slums with a special focus on children. Today Matri Sudha serves hundreds of children through its formal education project in the vicinity of one of the urban-slums of Delhi.

In 2001 people from different professional backgrounds organized a group in the form of an organization namely “MATRI SUDHA” which has committed to work for the children belonging to weaker sections of the society. Matri Sudha is a Rights Based grass-root level organization working to provide a platform common to all children to raise their voice against injustice and inequality.

"Ensuring Participation, Fostering Development"

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